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Other Property Damage

Storm Damage can cause severe damage to properties.  Wind, Rain, Hail, Microbursts, Hurricanes, Flooding and Ice Dams are all major contributors to property damage.  Trees can fall onto a house or building and cause significant damage.  Hail damages windows and siding.  Wind driven rain can penetrate into a structure and cause water damage.  Professional cleaning, disinfecting and drying is required after flooding from a storm.  Ice Dams need to be cleared and if there is any water damage, the building materials need to be dried.

Vehicle Impacts, vandalism, building collapses, mud slides, infestation and any other type of property damage need to be secured.  RELIANT Restoration has the resources to secure any property after a storm or other property disaster.

We will access your property in the most timely fashion possible.  WE GUARANTEE OUR PERFORMANCE 100%